Turn Data into Intelligent Action With Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Digital Transformation for Rolled Products Manufacturers eBookThe manufacturing industry is competitive and fast-paced, which isn’t always a great combination for many businesses. Capturing and using data has become imperative. Rolled product manufacturers replacing legacy systems with modern management solutions are able to find, sort, visualize and access real-time insight out of the data being generated every day. With the business intelligence features built-into Microsoft Dynamics 365, your business leaders will be able to make data-driven decisions, solve immediate problems and improve long-term operations.

The challenge in front of many manufacturers today isn’t capturing data, it’s analyzing it in timely manner, then using it to transform business operations in a way that boosts profits, improves customer relationships, and drives growth. The future of manufacturing belongs to the digital leaders able to automate processes, collect and track accurate information, and achieve the visibility needed accomplish these strategic goals. Download “12 Crucial Transformations Rolled Product Manufacturers Must Make to Survive,” to learn why more rolled product manufacturers are starting their digital transformation with Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Simplify Your Digital Transformation with Dynamics 365

Reliable data is the very foundation for making smart changes in the interest of your bottom line and a successful future. Microsoft Dynamics 365 includes built-in business intelligence features including dashboards, visual graphs, and charts which highlight key data. Automatic alerts also trigger notifications to managers when there are deviations in plans. Instead of waiting for monthly reports or weekly meetings, decision-makers can easily access meaningful KPIs and steer people or processes in the right direction. For example, managers can monitor sales information and inventory levels in real time. Automatic alerts will trigger notifications should inventory reach buffer levels, or if any other supply chain disruptions occur. Taking this proactive stance enables leaders to monitor sales to prepare for production operations, while also monitoring inventory movement to avert production delays which put customer relationships at risk.

Planning for continuous improvement requires a new system that supports innovation and change. Dynamics 365 provides users with simple, intuitive interfaces which enable workers and leaders to master automation and business intelligence features that improve operations. This agile platform is designed to change and adapt as your business needs change over time. Download the eBook and contact PA Group for more guidance with turning data into intelligent action you can use to improve operations, strengthen customer relationships and drive growth.

By PA Group, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner Tennessee