SEAMS 2015 National Networking Conference Highlights

The SEAMS National Networking Conference was held this year in Nashville, Tennessee, a blossoming fashion and apparel design market. With the aim of spurring growth through networking and educational seminars, SEAMS brought together people in the sewn products industry from across the U.S.

Not only was Nashville’s Gaylord Opryland Hotel a great place to be social, but the Nashville fashion scene is thriving, housing a large concentration of independent fashion designers. The Nashville Fashion Alliance (NFA) was there to speak about their mission of accelerating and incubating fashion brands through advocacy, economic development, resources, and education. One of the biggest challenges faced by Nashville designers is finding the right resources to meet demand in a timely matter, especially highly skilled sewing workers who know how to make garments of quality. This is not just in Nashville – new fashion designers are having trouble sourcing fabric, manufacturing their product, finding the right people to hire, and setting up distribution channels.

Talk of bringing manufacturing back to the U.S. was prevalent, and Keith Hoover from Under Armour was there to provide insight on what companies can do to bring it back. He spoke about the need to revolutionize the textile manufacturing industry through a recommitment to technology, revamped local sourcing models, training and hiring the right people, and pushing for reduced domestic regulations. He talked about digitizing the factory, creating a system where every input and output of data is tracked within a single digital system of record. This digital commitment helps companies run more efficiently, plan for the future, and adapt to change with agility.

SEAMS once again put technology at the forefront when they held a panel of technology experts, including PA Group’s Factory Services Director, Bradley Hanon. They discussed the challenges of creating an IT Roadmap, and looking at technology as an investment in your company’s future, not just a cost center. The discussion brought out topics like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Cloud computing, two critical new technologies that manufacturers should be planning for.

PA Group is committed to North American manufacturing, and we were happy to connect with textile and apparel manufacturers at SEAMS. With our advanced ERP, CRM, Machine Monitoring solutions, and expert consulting, we can help manufacturers reach their full potential.