Real-Time Inventory Isn’t out of Reach for Rolled Product Manufacturers

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Strong inventory management is a goal for all businesses in the manufacturing industry, especially rolled product manufacturers. Weak inventory control can create expensive problems, including fines for not being able to locate a roll or product in the event of a recall. Losing inventory also leads to production delays which can threaten customer relationships. Real-time inventory control isn’t out of reach. Connect your people, processes and data by replacing outdated software with a comprehensive, centralized system.

In today’s fast-paced, global marketplace, manufacturers can’t manage inventory with aging software systems or manual means. Inaccurate and missing inventory leads to production delays and lost customers. As discussed in “12 Crucial Transformations Rolled Product Manufacturers Must Make to Survive,” rolled product manufacturers require stronger technology to track inventory and usage for each individual roll. An integrated business management solution, like Microsoft Dynamics 365, will deliver the strong inventory control needed to compete and succeed in this crowded business sector.

Strengthen Inventory Management With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Rolled product manufacturers can manage all core business data within Microsoft Dynamics 365. This solution provides a single-source experience that connects information from across the organization. Sales, service, manufacturing, planning, scheduling, order fulfillment and purchasing departments can enter, access and analyze data from within this centralized solution. As a result, employees from each department will have a real-time view of inventory at any time and from anywhere. Sales representatives will be able to make promises that your production team can actually keep. In addition, when a customer calls to check on an order, anyone from sales to customer service will be able to access a customer account or check production schedules to respond appropriately.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 also offers many time-saving automations that further strengthen the connection between inventory management and production. Inventory shortages, a common disaster, can be avoided with automatic alerts notifying managers when inventory is reaching critical levels or there is a conflict with scheduling. Dashboards highlight KPIs, delivering real-time inventory data to employees. Instead of responding to problems, your managers and operations can see them coming and respond quickly to keep production running.

Tracking rolls across the product lifecycle is essential for rolled product manufacturers. Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides strong management for BOMs, routes, and complex SKU schemas and will track and trace inventory at every touch point between receiving to shipping. Download the eBook and contact PA Group for more information about using Microsoft Dynamics 365 to strengthen inventory management.

By PA Group, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner Tennessee