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Software Services – the Complete Picture

Most partners you find out there are very good at selling software, period. But when it comes to making sure your new system accomplishes the business transformation you desired, that partner is suddenly absent.

As your trusted adviser, PA Group will provide both the business consulting services and the technical services to make sure you end up with a fantastic solution. Not every partner understands your business, and the ways that the software you invest in can transform and optimize your business processes. At PA Group, we bring software to life. We work together with you to tackle your greatest business needs, providing both the business consulting and the technical software services, helping you reduce risk and increase results.

Understand our Process

“PA Group comes in with a professional approach, lays out a complete timeline, does great requirements gathering…our on-site person was a pleasure to work with, always on time, always ready to go, definitely a go-getter, very knowledgeable, always had answers. We went in with a tough situation and came out with a great solution.”

Brendan Taylor, IT Security Analyst, Hutton

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PA Group Technical Software Services

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We have noticed that other partners tend to outsource this critical step in the process. But we think that the only way your investment will be fully leveraged is if the team that collected the requirements is the same team that implements the solution. These details need to be fully vetted and flawlessly executed. That’s why we built our team and business around fully implementing your solution, from project inception to go-live. And at the point of a successful implementation, our role as your trusted adviser is just beginning to take shape.


Few things generate as much apprehension as the reality of a pending migration from an old, familiar system to a new system. It’s a leap of faith to switch over to a new way of managing the day to day business of your business. We’ve done countless migrations, and understand your data and operational needs. We stay hands on, so you can trust that everything is handled.


Sometimes, complex projects require a greater level of customization than can be accomplished with the built-in capabilities of a software system. When such a project calls for specialized development, we utilize our in-house experts to write the custom developments for you. We don’t outsource overseas (or anywhere) …EVER. Since we stay fully involved in the process, the process stays secure and predictable.


Sometimes, complex projects call for an existing third-party extension or application to boost functionality or fill a gap. In this scenario, or in the scenario where you have pre-existing business apps that you plan to keep, an integration expert is crucial to a seamless and secure experience. Your business’s integration equation is simple: integrated business operations = higher productivity + better results + lower risk.


PA Group has a roster of dedicated professionals ready to provide ongoing support for your needs. When you need help, it’s a support ticket or phone call away. So you can get help for what you need, when you need it.


Understand the Difference

The right partner can make all the difference in the success of your company. Download our Vision for Digital Transformation (included in our Solution Evaluation Kit) to better understand the difference PA Group can make for your future.