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The race for customers is fierce, and your competition is fighting as hard as you are to get their attention. Studies show that IT spend on marketing technology is on the rise. But it’s not just about purchasing the latest, newest whizbang software. What really separates businesses from their competition is how they integrate and systematize their marketing tools and processes. The marketing automation experts at PA Group have deep experience in diagnosing your entire team’s needs, and implementing exactly the right system for your entire business.

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Right Hand, Meet Left Hand

Do you have a lone wolf marketing department? If you do, you’re not alone. With all of the marketing apps, tools and platforms that are available, it’s not at all uncommon for marketing teams to be working in totally isolated siloes, cut off from the rest of the businesses integrated processes. Our team has seen it ALL before, and is skilled in creating seamless, cloud-based systems that are integrated with other business apps and able to push and pull data that benefits every business unit.

It’s ALL About Outcomes

An integrated, relevant marketing automation solution can:

  • Cultivate targeted lists of high quality prospects – in house
  • Build a more complete view of existing customers and their network
  • Execute marketing communications and track engagement metrics
  • Convert anonymous web visitors into qualified prospects and customers
  • Consolidate to a single, more powerful automation/nurture platform
  • Effectively manage campaigns and report accurate ROI results
  • Manage marketing team tasks and establish more accountability
  • Increase team collaboration, access to data, and internal communication
  • Increase budget visibility and control over marketing spend

PA Group Is Your Complete Marketing Automation Partner

PA Group can help you implement the right technology and create effective automated marketing processes. Whether you need to build, segment, and communicate to targeted lists of contacts, or create step by step nurture campaigns and accurately track results — we’ve got the expertise to deliver.

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The PA Group Difference

Our marketing automation consultants have honed their expertise in diagnosing the needs of not just the marketing department but every group in the business that relies on marketing intelligence. (Which is to say, every business unit.) We work tirelessly to understand everyone’s needs, and to deliver exceptional business results.

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The right partner can make all the difference in the success of your company. Download our Vision for Digital Transformation (included in our Solution Evaluation Kit) to better understand the difference PA Group can make for your future.