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Machine Monitoring System with HMI Hardware

PA Group offers a fully-managed installation of our proprietary Machine Monitoring System. Built to track efficiency and maximize uptime on your factory floor, our Machine Monitoring System provides a consistent Human Machine Interface (HMI) for all machines on the shop floor. This empowers your production workers and simplifies your job by replacing manual data collection efforts with advanced, automated systems.

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PA Group Is Your Complete MES Partner

PA Group can help you maximize your production. Collect crucial shop floor data, integrate with ERP and other business systems, and optimize your operations starting at the individual machine and operator level. PA Group has the expertise to deliver.

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3 Reasons PA Group Machine Monitoring works for your business:

  1. Adaptable: Our Machine Monitoring System is flexible, and can adapt to your unique requirements. Competing systems are inflexible, changes may be impossible or require an extensive amount of time. Our solution factors in customer needs, unique system requirements, and specialized business processes.
  2. Connected: Our highly-skilled factory specialists have advanced knowledge working to bring machines of different age, brand, and type online, helping you can gain valuable insight from your entire operation. If your installation calls for a new wireless network, wired cable drops, or significant retrofitting of older machines, we’ve got you covered. Other companies might send you parts and instructions, but we are hands-on. We do the work, and you stay productive.
  3. Integrated: Our Machine Monitoring System is built to connect and integrate with the JUST Monitoring software platform. This integration provides greater visibility across your manufacturing shop floor and helps to improve your manufacturing operations. The JUST Monitoring system can be further integration into your other core business systems, such as ERP and PLM.
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Customer Story – Phifer, Inc.

“Innovation is whenever you realize you have some technology that will help you get to that next level that you didn’t think you would ever be able to get to.”

– Laura Jackson, Director of Product Data Management, Phifer, Inc.

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The right partner can make all the difference in the success of your company. Download our Vision for Digital Transformation (included in our Solution Evaluation Kit) to better understand the difference PA Group can make for your future.