Optimize Manufacturing Operations by Optimizing Your Technology

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The manufacturing industry is facing a skills shortage just as customer expectations are reaching new heights. To overcome these challenges, rolled product manufacturers must embrace technology to optimize production and maximize productivity. Automate processes for production workers and gain visibility into machine performance by replacing aging, legacy systems with a modern management solution.

Customers have a lot of options to choose from within the crowded manufacturing marketplace and they aren’t as patient as they once were. Businesses that can’t deliver on-time, accurate orders are easily replaced by more responsive manufacturers. One of the essential elements in satisfying customer needs is retaining skilled workers on the production floor and arming them with the tools they need to be productive and profitable. Download “12 Crucial Transformations Rolled Product Manufacturers Must Make to Survive,” to learn why rolled product manufacturers are turning to technology, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, to streamline production activities and increase productivity.

Manufacturers Will Maximize Efficiency With Microsoft Dynamics 365

Using data to monitor and improve production activities is imperative for rolled product manufacturers. However, this is no small task, especially when relying on outdated, legacy systems. Information stuck in silos isn’t doing anyone any good. Dynamics 365 breaks down those silos and integrates data from across your organization. Operators utilize workflows to streamline common tasks and improve consistency from inventory to production to customer deliveries. Tailored guidance for daily production tasks, such as starting or finishing jobs, makes it easier for new workers to learn tasks quickly and efficiently. Replacing manual tasks with time-saving automations allows employees to focus on other profit-producing tasks and forward-looking activities.

Dashboards and other business intelligence features within Dynamics 365 provide managers with greater visibility into machine performance and maintenance routines. Taking a proactive stance with monitoring machines will avoid production delays, saving valuable time and protecting customer relationships. In addition, monitoring labor and production-related KPIs provides the insight managers need to look ahead and coordinate their team and assets for maximum performance.

Streamline production and productivity, while strengthening customer relationships, by replacing inefficient systems with stronger technology. Download the eBook and contact the PA Group for more information about using Dynamics 365 for manufacturing to optimize operations, while also providing superior customer service that leads to long-term loyalty.

By PA Group, Gold Certified Microsoft Partner Tennessee