Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

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A Dynamics 365 portal allows you, your employees, partners, and customers to access information and tools and engage with communities. This critical-path tool is available right out of the Dynamics 365 box. With it, you can create customized spaces that can host your content and be used as springboards for customized applications. If you need a portal tailored to more specific audiences, customized portal configurations are also available. Whatever your needs, PA Group has the expertise to help you implement exactly what you require.


Your customer service portal will help you create an environment that customers find helpful and informative, reducing the number of support cases that are submitted to your team. You can file this one under “you get out what you put in”. Meaning that by actively taking and responding to feedback, you can continue to improve your support offerings and give your customers a great service experience.


Your employee portal is a great way to disseminate on-demand information and support your employees on internal cases, as well as quickly provide updates and news about upcoming improvements or additions to your product catalog. By supporting your employees with an internal portal, you will help your team focus on the success of your customers, sales partners, and their fellow employees.

Sales Partners

It’s not just about your employees and customers, don’t forget your sales partners! The information needs of sales partners are typically similar to those of your internal employees, with some notable differences. PA Group can help you develop a successful partner portal, that will provide the content management tools and opportunity management tools to help your partners deliver the best experience to your customers.

Line of sight, just in time

Customizable Portals

PA Group can help you create exactly the Dynamics 365 portals you want, providing hyper-personalized experiences to your customers, partners, or internal employees. Use your custom portal as a flexible platform for tailored applications. The custom portal comes straight out of the box with a small set of sample pages and templates. Use this environment to springboard your own applications and host content to enhance your customer experience.

Support Customers

One thing in business is a perennial certainty – you need to provide excellent support and case management to your customers. The Dynamics 365 customer service portal comes straight out of the box with a small set of sample pages and templates. Use the customer service portal to create a space for customers to submit and manage cases, browse knowledge, and submit feedback. PA Group consultants can help you dial in a customer service portal that is designed to be a critical-path platform for engaging customer issues and provide 24/7 support for the products and services that you offer.

Support Employees

Your business is dead in the water if your employees can’t serve the customers. The Dynamics 365 solution helps you support your employees and provide a repository of information, policies, and practices at their fingertips. The employee self-service (ESS) portal comes out of the box with a small set of sample pages and templates. The ESS portal is designed to provide your internal employees with a space to ask questions, browse knowledge, and provide feedback. Work with PA Group Consultants to design a portal for information about your organization’s policies, best practices, and common issues that affect your customers.

Support Partners

If sales partners are part of your business model, you can give them the tools they need to collaborate and pursue sales opportunities. PA Group consultants can help you use the tools provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create mission-critical portals, where sales partners can create and manage opportunities. Partners can help customers purchase your products and services based on their specific needs and maximize their use of them.

Foster Cooperation

Want to level-up your operation? You can foster business-enhancing cooperation among your various audience communities with the right portal(s). Work with PA Group consultants to keep your customer engagement strong by growing your community, publishing articles, gathering user feedback, and acting on user-provided ideas within your out of the box or customized portal.

Understand the Difference

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