PLM Software

Product Lifecycle Management Software

Have you ever wished you could manipulate time?

In the fast-moving, hyper competitive business landscape, companies must create and innovate products within increasingly compressed time frames. And then they have to deal with production and distribution realities. Only the most agile survive.
Your PLM solution helps you plan, design, and manage product lines, product costs, technical specs/measurements, and vendor collaboration/sourcing. And better design visibility and tracking helps you accelerate pre-production operations.

Voila, more time

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PlanningMachine Monitoring

Automated form creation and Prototyping

Create automated RFPs that factor in material and labor costs and specific technical requirements like technical specs, measurements, and instructions for creating a garment prototype.


Plan the entire product lifecycle including design, procurement and sourcing, manufacturing and retail. Information regarding existing vendors and available materials that is stored within the system allows for more efficient sourcing practices. Shop, spec, and manage multiple suppliers in multiple countries to bring products together in the correct sequence at the right time.


Create RFPs from information housed in the system for easy, automated collaboration processes.

Shop, spec, and manage

Manage multiple suppliers in multiple countries to bring products together in the correct sequence at the right time.

MES – The right information, at the right time

If your bottom line is to deliver what your customer needs and to make sales targets, then the right MES solution must accommodate your unique business needs, right? Your PA Group MES solution addresses key business issues:

  • Business processes: standardized
  • Complexity: reduced and managed
  • Flexibility: enhanced and increased
  • Trade partners: collaborative and connected
  • Decision making: simplified
  • Deliverables: customized
  • Supply chain interactions: streamlined
  • Changing conditions: addressed
  • Customer satisfaction: increased
  • Delivery promises: met

And by managing issues before they are significant issues, you can focus on your business’s big picture:

  • Identified and restrained costs
  • Increase profits margins
  • Reduce time to results
  • Lead or displaced competition
  • Business optimized and modeled for the future

Customer Story – Phifer, Inc.

“Innovation is whenever you realize you have some technology that will help you get to that next level that you didn’t think you would ever be able to get to.”

– Laura Jackson, Director of Product Data Management, Phifer, Inc.