Planning and Scheduling Software

Advanced Planning & Scheduling System

How do you keep all of the moving parts organized?

Your advanced planning system allows users to generate reliable and optimized production plans according to specific needs of each production department. The simple interface allows your organization to plan based on available machine, raw material, and human resources to help your entire operation run smoothly.

Right hand, meet left hand

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PLMMachine Monitoring

Enhanced Visibility

Import material and human resource data directly from your ERP system, allowing visibility into machine or employee capabilities. Component requirements can be expanded to explicitly identify raw materials such as yarn and warps along with critical machine components such as reed and harness specifications. Track order progress to stay on schedule, and receive alerts when machines or production lines are running behind.

Increased production speed and agility

Eliminate inefficiencies caused by antiquated manual systems by reducing changeover and setup times. This system considers machine specifications to ensure the right material is being used on the right machine, for the right production order.

Multi Company, Multi Site Scheduling

Handle complex manufacturing logistics across multiple companies or facilities. You can set up parameters that allow schedules that take into account the time and money involved in supply chain logistics.

MES – The right information, at the right time

If your bottom line is to deliver what your customer needs and to make sales targets, then the right MES solution must accommodate your unique business needs, right? Your PA Group MES solution addresses key business issues:

  • Business processes: standardized
  • Complexity: reduced and managed
  • Flexibility: enhanced and increased
  • Trade partners: collaborative and connected
  • Decision making: simplified
  • Deliverables: customized
  • Supply chain interactions: streamlined
  • Changing conditions: addressed
  • Customer satisfaction: increased
  • Delivery promises: met

And by managing issues before they are significant issues, you can focus on your business’s big picture:

  • Identified and restrained costs
  • Increase profits margins
  • Reduce time to results
  • Lead or displaced competition
  • Business optimized and modeled for the future

Customer Story

“Innovation is whenever you realize you have some technology that will help you get to that next level that you didn’t think you would ever be able to get to.”

– Laura Jackson, Director of Product Data Management, Phifer, Inc.