Machine Monitoring Software

Shop Floor Machine Monitoring Systems

Need to put some distance between your business and your competition?

Your machine monitoring solution puts essential business data in your team’s hands, just in time. Improved sightlines help you spot and fix problem areas with complete precision and control. Real-time data allows unprecedented ability and to boost efficiency and create a faster, stronger, and smarter manufacturing facility.

Bye, bye competition

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Deep Industry Expertise




CNC Machines
Packaging Machines
Panel Saws


Cut to Length Lines
Metal Stamping
Wire Drawing


Injection Molding



Two Way Communication

Shop floor workers can send data out for analysis, and controllers can send data to the machine, making real time adjustments possible.

Optimize Production

You can track key metrics like operator and machine performance, actual vs. anticipated production, and specific reasoning for machine stops. Then you can build charts and analyze production line efficiency. Information can be stored and deployed to run the right jobs on the right machines, and reduce setup between projects.


Track data on a variety of machines, analyzing the production speed of any machine based on RPM. The software can analyze the data to give more detailed production numbers based on formulas. Companies will determine what declarations or “reason codes” they want to be sent from the system to shop floor workers, and vice versa.

Customized Reporting

Generate completely configurable reports based on real-time data. Reports can draw data from over 150 different fields containing unique machine data drawn from past months or years. Sample key metrics include stops per 100,000 picks, stops per machine-hour, expected vs. actual performance, length, weight, down time, and others based on configurable formulas.

Quality Inspection

Quality declarations can be entered into the system and assigned to specific pick numbers to document precisely where defects happen, so customer allowances can be calculated for each fabric roll based on its corresponding defect map.

MES – The right information, at the right time

If your bottom line is to deliver what your customer needs and to make sales targets, then the right MES solution must accommodate your unique business needs, right? Your PA Group MES solution addresses key business issues:

  • Business processes: standardized
  • Complexity: reduced and managed
  • Flexibility: enhanced and increased
  • Trade partners: collaborative and connected
  • Decision making: simplified
  • Deliverables: customized
  • Supply chain interactions: streamlined
  • Changing conditions: addressed
  • Customer satisfaction: increased
  • Delivery promises: met

And by managing issues before they are significant issues, you can focus on your business’s big picture:

  • Identified and restrained costs
  • Increase profits margins
  • Reduce time to results
  • Lead or displaced competition
  • Business optimized and modeled for the future

Customer Story – Phifer, Inc.

“Innovation is whenever you realize you have some technology that will help you get to that next level that you didn’t think you would ever be able to get to.”

– Laura Jackson, Director of Product Data Management, Phifer, Inc.