PA Group Webinar – Dynamics AX in the Manufacturing Mid-market

PA Group will be co-hosting a special webinar event, titled “Dynamics AX in the Manufacturing Mid-market – A Competitive Analysis vs. SAP and Oracle”. Led by Eric Kimberling, managing partner of Panorama Consulting, and Jeffrey Ploshnick, senior solutions architect at PA Group, this webinar will compare how Microsoft Dynamics AX stacks up against SAP and Oracle in the mid-market space of the manufacturing industry. Are these three vendors equally matched or does one fall behind in terms of functionality? Find out by joining us as we explore the functional strengths of these mid-market competitors.

Gut Check for Textile Companies – Top 5 Signals It Might be Time for a Change

The most impactful trade agreement of our time, the Trans-Pacific Partnership continues to lumber forward. And with Vietnam digging their heels in on the yarn-forward rule, the textile industry is looking at weathering yet another impending storm. The good news, however, is that we have seen an uptick in the mill products business over the past few months, and all major indicators point to sustained increases into 2014. Many leading textile organizations are wisely leveraging this period of growth to streamline processes, define areas ripe for optimization, and get a little ‘leaner and meaner’ in general. In light of this time for reflection and focus on operational fitness, the PA Group thought-leadership team has assembled the TOP 5 signals that your business solution is no longer current:

Shipping Efficiency with Dynamics AX Custom Shipping Calendar

North American manufacturing companies have a lot riding on efficient order fulfillment and shipping processes. Sourcing customers whose own production and sales schedules are on the line expect quick turnaround times, and distributors, wholesalers, and retailers expect to have items in stock and ready to sell or ship. The complex task of fulfilling and shipping sales orders in the most efficient way possible is crucial to the success of a manufacturing company, and manufacturers with a strong ERP partner stand to benefit the most from the powerful cost-saving solutions that software consultants can provide. For example…

Often Overlooked; the Real Value of Dynamics AX

AX Sales Role Center

A lot has been made over the last years regarding the power of collective consciousness or ‘groupthink,’ as it may be more colloquially termed. But of what relevance is this to ERP? First, to understand the power of a collective group with a harmonious and energized outlook I have to relate a recent experience in a college sports stadium. My team was down…

PA Group Selected to Participate in ERP Vendor Showdown

PA Group USAPA Group will be the featured Microsoft Dynamics AX partner to present the AX platform during Panorama Consulting’s ERP Vendor Showdown. Over the course of four days, you will have the opportunity to participate in live webinar demos from four of the leading manufacturing and distribution ERP vendors. Participants can submit quantitiative scores and feedback from each demo, and on the fifth day, Panorama Consulting will present the overall vendor scoring, vendor strengths, and ERP best practices.


De Cecco Partners with PA Expertise to Implement Dynamics CRM

Since their founding, the De Cecco company has stood for quality and excellence. This time-honored manufacturer of pasta and associated food products is meeting new business challenges by focusing on two key areas:  Business Intelligence (BI) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

PA Has Obtained ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 9001 certification

Partners Associates S.p.A. has again obtained ISO 9001 certification in the field of Services for 2013.

ISO 9001 is an international standard related to quality management and applies to all types of business sectors and activities. It aims to improve all company processes (supervision, realisation and support), services and customer satisfaction.

10 Critical Advantages of Dynamics AX over Best-of-Breed Textile Solutions

The textile industry was built around industry-specific solutions which have historically provided highly targeted functionality for textile manufacturing. The downside, however, is that these solutions provided a narrow view into operations and overall organizational performance. Todays’ reality is that the textile industry has changed and now deep coverage of strategic business functions is at a premium – even at times over manufacturing acumen. The good news is that with the Textile Industry Accelerator from PA Group, which is built inside Dynamics AX, you no longer have to make the difficult choices around form or function…‘You can have your cake and eat it too’.

Microsoft Convergence 2013

PA Textile & Apparel will be attending the premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics community – Convergence 2013 – from March 18 to 21.